Bone and Soft Tissue Supplement (Ogmentation)

Bone and Soft Tissue Supplement (Ogmentation)

Hard Tissue Grafts

During surgical operations, bone formation is stimulated with artificial or natural bone bone applications in areas where bone loss is advanced. Bone source can be obtained from some parts of the person’s own skeleton, and can be obtained from non-human live sources in today’s technology. Artificial bone can also be obtained from human cadavers. Bone dust and blocks can be obtained artificially from some synthetic minerals and applied to patients. Even with the latest technology, three-dimensional tomography taken from the patient can produce specific bone blocks, such as the lego piece, which is suitable for the person’s bone cavity.

Soft Tissue Grafts

In order to eliminate the problem caused by the obvious gingival recession in one or more teeth due to anatomical errors or gum diseases, the problems existing in the tooth roots affect the bone and then soft tissue and create tissue deficiency; It is the process of covering the mouth with a piece of soft tissue taken from a different area (usually palate). As with hard tissue grafts, there are soft tissue materials that are produced synthetically in soft tissue grafts or soft tissue materials that can be applied to the patient after the necessary sterilization process.

With the development of the technology, both hard tissue and soft tissue supplements have been provided to solve these problems easily and less traumatically without the need for the formation of a second wound area for patients.