Full Ceramic Crowns

Full Ceramic Crowns

Due to the translucent properties of metal-free porcelain crowns (full porcelain), their depth and vitality are higher, so that the closest results to the natural tooth are obtained.

  • Full porcelains create an aesthetic very similar to the natural tooth structure as they pass the light, while metal porcelains have a dullness and artificiality even if they are made very well. For this reason, full porcelains are preferred especially in the front teeth.
  • Metal-backed porcelains give a dark gap look in some lights (disco, camera flash, etc.) as if they were not in the mouth. Full porcelains pass all kinds of light, just like natural teeth (Translucense feature).
  • Metal supported porcelains are mechanically adhered to the tooth. Full porcelains are attached to the tooth mechanically and chemically.
  • Since there is no metal in the substructure, there is no dark line at the crown-gum level. A more aesthetic appearance is provided.
  • When the gum is pulled, full porcelains maintain their aesthetic appearance, while metal porcelains create a bad image in the region where they combine with the tooth.
  • There is no risk of allergy against some metals used in the infrastructure (such as nickel allergy) in full porcelains.

Metal Supported Zirconium Based Crowns and Bridges

Tam Seramik Kuronlar 2 Tam Seramik Kuronlar 3

In this system, zirconium alloy, a white color, is used instead of metal. The biggest advantage of the system is to provide a full aesthetic appearance on the bridges in the back area with the very high durability it achieves. It stands out from other dental materials with its mechanical resistance, biological compatibility and fracture resistance.