Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The discolorations in the teeth can occur due to different reasons. . The most common ones are; old age, consumption of substances that paint teeth (coffee, tea, cola, cigarette, etc.), traumas, old prostheses, coatings, fillings. Antibiotic (tetracycline) or excessive fluorite consumption used during the formation of the teeth can also cause tooth discoloration. Sometimes they can become colored before applying gums. Dyes have affected the tooth structure, and these colorations are internal colorations. Internal discolorations may be caused by some medications such as tetracycline, fluoride taken during the development of the teeth, feverish pediatric diseases during the development of the teeth, genetic diseases or genetic diseases such as erythroblastosis fetalis, porphyria.

Teeth Whitening is the process of removing coloration in the structure of the teeth (enamel and dentin layer). There are two different teeth whitening methods currently known:

Teeth Whitening at Home (Home Bleaching)

It is a teeth whitening process applied by the patient himself at home. It is preferred for simple level colorations. In order to perform this procedure, a measurement is taken from the patient and a transparent and elastic plate is prepared, which is removed from the mouth model. The tooth whitening gel, which is given by the dentist, is put into this case and attached to the mouth by the patient himself. It is necessary to have a doctor check every other day. The method of teeth whitening at home is usually applied at night or on weekends.

Clinical Bleaching (Office Bleaching)

It is a teeth whitening method applied by the dentist in the practice. It can be applied to one tooth or the whole mouth. Teeth, which are more difficult to whiten, usually need to be treated in the practice. It is applied in one or several sessions with various techniques such as heat, light (halogen and laser).

Although both teeth whitening methods are effective, the preference depends on the degree of coloration in the teeth, how quickly the tooth whitening treatment is desired and the opinion of the physician.

According to the researches, if the whitening of the teeth is done under the supervision of your dentist, it is extremely effective and safe. It would be good to spread it as wide as possible to be effective.

After whitening, things will always be whiter than before. However, depending on the habits and oral care of patients, reinforcement therapy may be required twice a year.